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02:08 so this happened today : )
Kirsten Dunst leaving a Halloween party in 2011.
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Vancouver in the 60’s
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Jay-Z, before fame, visiting London in 1988. .
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Was looking in my moms college yearbook and came across a familiar face.
Anonymous: Did you know that 98% of rape allegations are true? And the fact that the woman who was raped was conflicted and posted some things that don't make sense doesn't discredit her claim, acting as though it is wholly suspicious only distracts from the real question: did he or did he not rape her? For me it's very obvious that he most probably did. And also parts of that article are seeking to almost demonise her, "accuser", as opposed to showing her as a victim (which she is) of rape.

that’s your opinion and i get where you’re coming from but i do not agree that conor is a rapist. for me it is pretty clear that she is someone who made a comment on some forum and didn’t really think of the consequences and now she’s getting sued for it and pretends like nothing ever happened. i don’t know all the facts and i haven’t read every single thing that was written about this but the things i have come across makes me believe that she is full of shit and that conor never raped her. you do not agree with me and that’s fine and as i said before i will not change my mind unless i feel i have a reason to do so. and you have not given me that reason.

what i don’t understand is if i was raped by someone i would not want anything to do with that person ever again. so for this girl to fill her facebook and myspace with bright eyes and other oberst projects and have all the nice things to say about them doesn’t make sense to me. why would she still listen to a band after being raped by the singer? why would you claim that the best memory of your life is from the same night that she allegedly got raped, when conor brought her up on stage and sang happy birthday to her. how can that memory be the best one when you allegedly got raped just after it, by that very same person. maybe you understand? because i don’t. and i don’t mean to judge anyone but in this situation there are a lot of things that doesn’t make sense to me. maybe you can help me understand.